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Apr 18, 2017

March was cold, wet, and windy, and so the EOMM copped the same conditions. Nevertheless, hundreds of car enthusiasts braved the weather and still turned out for the meet.

We had a good walk around and found a few interesting rides for this month’s Cars of Bendix, before the rain and wind got too wild and the meet had to end for safety reasons!

Here are our picks for the Cars of Bendix at the March EOMM!

Sam’s Honda Civic started life as an Indy Special; an Australian base model that came in Phoenix Yellow, a boot spoiler and dealer fitted alloys. Deciding he had enough of the stock single cam putter, Sam chucked in a B16A2, a more powerful engine from the performance model, the Civic VTi-R.

The engine was rebuilt to OEM specs for extra reliability. Other performance bolt-ons include an aftermarket computer, cold air intake, exhaust, coilovers, and stickier tyres. Although Sam has spent quite a bit of dosh on the Civic, it’s perfectly reliable and he drives it to work and back without a car. Since he came all the way from Orange to attend this meet, we must say we are impressed!

The menacing stance of Jeremy’s RX-8 caught our eye as it came through the rain, so we just had to have it for the Cars of Bendix. Jeremy’s Mazda RX-8 has been transformed to mirror hardcore GT race cars whizzing around on Japanese race tracks. The massive wing on the rear provides downforce on the wider rear wheels at high speeds, and the RENESIS engine under the bonnet has been rebuilt and bridgeported to provide that signature rotary bark and extra power. We were told that the fresh engine has just been rebuilt, and once it has been ran in and tuned, it will rev to an amazing 10,000 RPM!

The Nissan Silvia came in quite a few different levels of trim, including this rare and relatively unknown convertible version, known as the Varietta. The Varietta featured an electric hardtop, and only came with a non-turbocharged engine (the standard Silvia S15s were turbocharged) and an automatic gearbox. Marvin’s own touches means that this car has more of a chance of chopping you than your hair dresser. The stock engine has been converted to a turbocharged, camme SR20DET, pushing 300kW through a Skyline manual gearbox to the rear wheels. It’s been fitted with extra wide Cosmis Racing wheels, and the body lines has been pumped out thanks to a wide body kit from Origin Labo. The 78 Works headlights adds a classy finishing touch to the now muscular bodywork.

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