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Mar 09, 2017

February EOMM 2017 went bonkers, with heaps of quality cars showing up this month. So much so that there’s not just five, but TEN Cars of Bendix that we’ve decided to feature! The night was lively, with the adjacent race track playing host to PowerCruise. Tough V8s were heard through the EOMM venue, mixed in with the thumping music and the occasional revving. Check out the mad rides that made it into the Feb’s Cars of Bendix!

First up is Travis’ 1971 Datsun 1200 coupe. Fully restored from the ground up, it was toughened up with a turbocharged, imported Z18 with a L series bottom end. The power is then pumped to the rear views using a Fiat diff and a FJ five-speed gearbox. To prevent the classic looks from being spoiled, Travis opted for a waterto- air intercooler, resulting in a timeless looking butt kicking Datsun.

In the golden era of Toyota Supras, Honda NSXes, and Nissan Skyline GTRs, Mitsubishi rolled out the 3000GT, also known as the GTO. The flagship 2+2 coupe showcased Mitsubishi’s advanced technology in the day. Packing features such as electronically controlled suspension, four wheel drive and four wheel steer, active aerodynamics, and changeable exhaust modes, the 3000GT was ahead of its time. The top spec twin turbo’d 3.0L V6 was no slouch either, pumping 300hp out at four wheels and smashing the quarter mile in 13 seconds.

This is a family friendly 300rwkw daily driver. It’s probably no surprise to die hard Toyota fans, but for those new to the Chaser, it might be shocking to see this wide, low, dressed up ‘Camry’ leave them dead at the lights. Rohan’s Chaser is outfitted with the sought after, genuine TRD kit, wide and tilted 18in AME Tracers, and its 2.5 litre straight six is fitted with Supra DNA…the 1JZ with VVTi. Thanks to that, a GTX3076 turbocharger and E85, the Chaser thumps out a skid inducing 305rwKW. Step inside and it’s spacious as an Aurion, and the rare Thule roof racks is ready for surfboards or snowboards. It even has a Recaro baby seat, imported straight out of Germany.

Damien’s vision of a WRX STi was to be able to make it dance at gymkhanas, yet drive it to work daily. The first thing that you notice are the additional fenders on the already blistered fenders, attempting to contain the fat Koya Racing wheels. Inside, you’ll find a roll cage, and a Sparco bucket seat so that Damien doesn’t go out the side windows in high-g manoeuvres. The WRX STi is ready to execute all those Ken Block gymkhana moves thanks to a hydraulic handbrake, plated 1.5 way differentials, adjustable centre differential and big billet driveshafts. Motive power is generated by a forged EJ25 breathing through a Blouch 1.5 XTR turbo, making a responsive 300kW at all four.

The old school Volkswagen camper van and all its iterations are universally adored. You just can’t hate them. And nothing brings a smile to the lips like spotting a baby blue, original 1974 VW Type 2 single cab ute rolling up at EOMM. Alex owns this and another VW camper van, just out of sight in this picture. The gorgeous blue is mostly untouched, except with a home job stencil of Alex’s grandfather’s business card on the side of the door, and some pinstripe design down the side. It’s in fantastic condition too; rust was minimal when Alex bought it, sight unseen on eBay. It’s full of character, and exudes a vintage charm that we can’t help but feature this!

Are you ready for a blast from the past, but updated with all the latest trends? This is Rick and Michael’s pet project, a father and son undertaking. It’s a superbly modified 2012 Holden Cruze with a ton of special touches. Starting off with that outrageous custom body kit, paint and wheels, you would not have picked it as a Cruze if this rolls pass you. The bonnet is modified with a custom VF commodore reverse intake scoop, and those massive Rotiform wheels add a finishing touch to the whole package. Inside, it’s been retrimmed, and a massive sound system will be going in later too. It’s not just show and no go; the Cruze packs a custom fabricated turbo kit, and it sits in an engine bay so clean you could eat off it.

The Mazda RX-7 in its 4th and 5th generation was the personification of gentleman motoring; a stark contrast to what lay brapping away in the engine bay. James’ FC3S has that classy 3-piece automotive suit: smooth clean body in metallic gun metal grey, tasteful, period correct FR Simmons wheels, and lowered just right to look good and not impractical. Pop the hood though, and it flexes its bridgeported 13B rotary muscles. Pumped up with an old school T04Z setup, and a Motec dash and computer, this FC3S has the power to back up its refined looks.

‘Itasha’ – a Japanese word that means ‘painful’. It is also a term for the emerging trend of wrapping cars up with eye-catching Japanese cartoon motifs, and no type of car is safe from it. Garry’s Honda S2000 is usually more at home on the race track, or on twisties with the roof down. But rather than settling for the typical race-inspired cosmetic enhancements like the Voltex GT wing, Js Racing carbon diffuser, massive front Spoon monoblock brakes and Flow Design lip, Garry wrapped the car up in a design based off a Japanese anime called Re:Zero. It certainly stood out from a sea of silver S2000s with its colourful wrap.

The Nissan 200SX; it’s an iconic sports car of the early 2000s. Rear wheel drive and turbocharged, the 200SX takes all of that and wraps it up in a svelte body that still turns heads in this day and age. Will’s 200SX keeps the original factory body kit, and added a dash of Mazda’s Velocity Red to the car to make it stand out. Those massively wide, black Rays TE37SL is given the slammed perspective; all cambered, aggressive and Instagram worthy. It’s got some power too, with Tomei cams, full exhaust, an intercooler and boost controller making sure the venerable SR20DET pulls hard.

Affectionately known as Rosie, Jesse’s 1974 Holden Kingswood Belmont ute has been lovingly and sparingly modified and restored. Jesse and his family are professed HQ enthusiasts; there’s another two Kingswood at home belonging to mom and pops! In the two and a half years Rosie has been with Jesse, all the rust spots have been fixed, a set of period correct steelies (with white walls, of course) got stuck on, and the venerable 202 got cleaned up. Running a small Edelbrock cam with a soulful exhaust and intake, Rosie could sing her heart out while cruising along.

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