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Sept 12, 2016

Despite a relatively smaller turn out compared to previous months, August’s EOMM was a fantastic, chilled out night. When it comes to gathering quality rides, EOMM always delivers – and this month was no different!

It doesn’t take much to turn the Honda Accord Euro from the sedate luxury family hauler that it was intended to be into something wild. Riding on a set of airbags, this Accord was built with stance in mind – and with that huge front lip and a crazy wheel and tyre setup, it pulls it off perfectly. Just look at that wheel tuck!

Affectionately dubbed ‘SUSBUS’, Ryan’s Toyota HiAce is definitely something you don’t see every day. Being such a bare bones vehicle from the factory, the Toyota HiAce is essentially a blank canvas for modification. Ryan’s made some simple changes to his van to make sure it stands out amongst the pack. With the addition of an LED bar and angel eye headlights, the HiAce shined bright and had eyes all over it here at EOMM. Long gone are the factory steel wheels and in their place, a big set of aftermarket 6-spoke rims. As well as having the bumpers colour-coded and rocking a set of JDM plates, this HiAce makes for a unique ride.

Mazda’s last incarnation of the rotary-powered sports car was the RX8 and it certainly did not disappoint. With its sleek lines, unique four-door layout and trademark rotary power delivery, the RX8 is a car that dares to be different - and it’s all the better for it. This RX8 GT proved that less is more with these cars, rocking nothing more than a sizeable drop and a beautiful set of staggered Work Meister wheels. Check out the size of that rear dish!

Crawford’s definitely taken a unique approach in modifying his Subaru BRZ. Modifications are kept to a minimum with a set of aftermarket tail lights, an upgraded exhaust system to open up the BRZ’s vocal chords and lowered on a set of Enkei RS05RR wheels. Then there is of course, the party piece… That enormous chassis-mounted rear wing. This insane piece of aero makes sure that Crawford’s BRZ turns heads wherever it goes.

Godzilla earnt its name out on the circuit, dominating the racing scene back in its heyday. To this day, the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR remains a popular choice for anyone who indulges in the odd track day. Take this silver ’32 decked out in track gear for instance. Those aggressive BBS LM wheels look right at home underneath the GTR’s enormous guards and coupled with the right set of tyres, ensure endless amounts of grip. With the addition of a GT wing and a rear diffuser, there’s plenty of downforce to be had – especially important for running quick laps on its home course of Wakefield.

That’s a wrap for this month’s Cars of Bendix. Make sure to come down to Sydney Dragway for next month’s EOMM for the chance to win a Bendix prize pack and to be featured in September’s edition of Cars of Bendix!

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