Bendix Test Pilot: Suzuki SX4 General CT Brake Pad Install

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Mar 14, 2017

Everyday driving for the everyday commuter can be demanding. Slogging through traffic, picking up kids, doing the groceries may all be simple tasks, but all the wear and tear adds up over time. In this Test Pilot program, we will be helping out Josh and his Suzuki SX4. For Josh, the Suzuki SX4 is a versatile daily car, with a spacious interior, good safety rating, and great fuel economy.

As part of our Test Pilot Program and for this month’s Bendix TV episode we’re going to be helping Josh choose the right brake pad to suit his Suzuki SX4.

When selecting brake pads it’s important to match the right brake pad formulation to suit your driving needs and vehicle.

To achieve the best possible braking performance and stopping distance we asked Josh how he uses his vehicle.

“I use it to commute to work, drive around the city, pick up the groceries and do the school run.”

“It’s really cheap to run, yet it’s safe, spacious and very practical” says Josh.

With its tall body, frugal 2.0 litre engine, and massive boot, the Suzuki SX4 handles anything you could throw at it. It even has switchable all-wheel drive to take on any road or weather.

Based on Josh’s driving needs, the most suitable Bendix product is the General CT pad. The General CT is specifically designed for general suburban, city and freeway driving. It is a low dust and noise brake pad without compromising stopping performance. It also features the Bendix blue titanium stripe, granting instant stopping power without require bedding in the brake pads.

The Bendix General CT brake pads are ideal for those who require an economical, low dust and quiet brake pad that is easy to install.

The General CT is available for over 95% of the cars and light commercial vehicles on the road, so you can be sure to find a General CT replacement for your brake pads.

Click here to watch the full video report on the Suzuki SX4 brake pad install. Click here to find out more about General CT. Click here to locate your nearest Bendix stockist.

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