Bendix Test Pilot: Mini Cooper S Euro+ Brake Pad Install

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Aug 03, 2017

The Mini is an iconic British car that has won the hearts of many since it was sold to the public, in 1959. The design was ground breaking; it was affordable, relatively roomy, and handled like a go-kart thanks to a wheel at each corner, and sweet chassis tuning.

Throughout the Swinging Sixties till the seventies, the hotted up Mini Cooper S won many famous rallies and races, such as the Monte Carlo Rally, the 1000 Lakes Rally, and even its class at the Australian Touring Car Championship. Throughout the world, the little Mini dominated the hearts and minds of many, on the track or on the road. It kept most of its original looks, engine, and chassis for nearly 40 years, before the new owners, BMW, stepped in.

Now, the Cooper S has been thoroughly updated for the 21st century, and it retains everything that makes a Mini, a Mini. Despite the size, the Mini is very roomy inside. The retro switch gear, with the tachometer in the centre (this car has the Sports Chrono pack, moving the tachometer back to the middle) pays homage to the original car. The front end, wheel at each corner stance and rounded rump is unmistakably Mini.

Everything has been given the modern touch, including the chassis, engine and suspension. The Mini Cooper S of yesteryear used to be powered by a 1275cc motor, in twin carb or EFI form. That has been replaced by a supercharged 1.6L engine pushing out

125kW, nearly 80kW more. While it may not count for much in today’s hot hatch horsepower shootouts, the Cooper S was never about power; it was all about handling.

The original go-kart feel is carried over, and driving the Cooper S has the same unadulterated fun factor. Taking corners is plenty of fun, with little body roll, and the steering wheel is brimming with feedback.

Get on the brakes though, and you might be disappointed. The OEM brakes are dusty, and are not particularly effective. Bendix sorts it out with the Euro+; designed specifically for European cars. Made from a low dust compound, it hauls up the Cooper S better than the stock brake pads can, while leaving the wheels cleaner for longer. Better yet, it comes with all the necessary shims and brake wear sensors for a complete bolt on option (if required).

The Bendix Euro+ is a great replacement brake pad for the Mini Cooper S and other European cars, especially those that require extra shims and sensors. The Euro+ features improved braking and lower dust output, and also meets strict European regulations. This means it is manufactured to a high quality that meets or exceeds the OEM counterparts.

Bendix Brake Pad Part Numbers:

Mini Cooper S 2005 Front: DB2052 Euro+

Mini Cooper S 2005 Rear: DB1687 Euro+

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