Bendix Street Road Track

Technical Bulletins

May 28, 2017

Different people use their vehicles differently, and that’s why Bendix has a range of brake pads to suit differing driving needs. Whether it’s everyday general driving, off-roading, towing or even the odd track day, Bendix has just the right brake pad to suit.

For ultimate, on-road braking performance, the Bendix Street Road Track provides extreme stopping power without compromising street comfort and driveability. The Street Road Track uses the latest compound and manufacturing processes developed by one of the world’s leading high performance friction material makers.

Designed to provide maximum braking performance from the get go, the Street Road Track are for vehicles that go to the track and back. Extreme performance is matched with extreme heat tolerance, maintaining great pedal feel regardless of conditions.

The Street Road Track pads comes with specially developed shims for reduced noise and increased heat resistance. The brake compounds are formulated to also be low dust and reduced noise, so it can be used comfortably on the street.

The Street Road Track is highly suited for sports and performance car enthusiasts who regularly enjoy high speed driving mixed in with the daily commute.

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