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July 24, 2018

Heavy commercial vehicles travel on average 40,000 to 60,000 kilometres per year in Australia. The braking systems for these vehicles face demanding & severe operating conditions and hence need to perform consistently at their optimal best. With the trend shifting to disc brakes, brake pads become the single biggest contributor in controlling the motion of these vehicles.

Bendix Protrans disc pads continue to give you exceptional reliability and quality performance vital to your commercial vehicles.

Packed full of features Bendix Commercial Vehicle disc Brake Pads offer ECE R90 certification, premium friction materials, titanium Bedding-n technology and all of the hardware you need for replacement.

ECE R90 Certification:

  • All Bendix Protrans brake pad set come with ECE R90 approval
  • Independent ECE R90 testing ensures the braking performance, speed sensitivity, cold performance, and frictional characteristics are within ±15% of the Original Equipment
  • Assurance of exceptional quality, long pad life and conforming friction characteristics


Premium Quality friction, thermally-strong pad design and permanent bonding:

  • OE-equivalent premium friction material with a friction rating of GF
  • Stable performance through a wide temperature range and at high operating temperatures (~500°C)
  • Low-metallic composition helps avoid micro & radial cracking with high tolerance to rotor metallurgy variances
  • Welded-Mesh on the steel backing plate provides increased strength in pad bonding
  • Single or double grooves in the pad design helps prevent cracking and provides vibration resistance


Titanium Stripe:

  • Blue Titanium technology for instant high friction and pedal feel the moment your customer leaves the workshop
  • Rapid interaction rate between the friction surfaces for superior bedding-in
  • Titanium stripe offers accelerated moulding around the points of contact, rapidly increasing contact area as the pads mate to fit the rotor surface as shown
  • Significant savings in workshop repair time through full braking performance achieved in fewer stops


Electric Wear Sensor:

  • Established industry requirement to replace wear sensors with each pad change
  • Each set of Bendix Protrans pads will now come with Electric Wear Sensors, for a complete axle set, where available
  • Indicate pad wear ensuring the brake system is complaint
  • Avoids premature failure caused by re-using old / damaged wear sensors


Hardware Kit:

  • Each set comes with quality hardware kit adhering to OE specifications
  • Easy to replace and install Bendix Protrans brake pads
  • Right number of accessories in the box, for one complete axle set, saving time and money


Bendix Protrans disc pads are independently validated to meet the OE specification. Using Protrans disc pads helps provide security of predictable, stable friction levels across a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles, long lasting quality parts and a cost-effective alternative.

With a comprehensive range that covers a broad range of European, American, Asian and Australian CV applications, Bendix Protrans disc pads are available at leading commercial vehicle stockists. Visit to locate your nearest stockist.

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