Bendix Original Euro: Why Are Copper Free Brake Pads Important?

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Apr 10, 2018

Copper is a core ingredient in brake pads but in high concentration can have a negative impact on the environment. In brake pads; copper increases the thermal conductivity and heat resistance of brakes by helping produce a film on the friction surfaces. Resulting in reduced brake fade, improved pedal feel, stopping distance and braking safety.

Copper is an essential nutrient to aquatic life in low concentrations, however, can be toxic in high concentrations. International environmental studies have indicated that the brake pads are a significant source of copper in urban runoff polluting waterways. Brake dust, a by-product of braking, ends up on the road and being washed down stormwater drains. This contaminated stormwater can have a detrimental impact on fish, amphibians and aquatic plants in our streams, rivers and lakes.

To protect this special ecosystem, like many vehicle manufacturers, Bendix has introduced a new copper free friction material on Bendix Original Euro.

European passenger vehicles entering the Australian market often come fitted with Copper free brake pads. Bendix addresses the aftermarket through the premium quality brake pads brand; Bendix Original Euro. Offering a unique blend of excellent friction characteristics.

The friction formulation in Bendix Original Euro pads are 100% Copper free and also provide optimal brake performance without compromising on the braking power and customer safety while also being responsible to the environment.

Bendix Original Euro brake pads also offer a complete kit which along with the brake pads includes wear sensors, bolts and other ancillaries for easy installation onto the brake caliper.

All Bendix Original Euro brand of brake pads also come with ECE R90 approval, which calls for the brake pads to be tested for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance, and may only deviate from the frictional characteristics of their OE counterparts within ±15%.

Why Are Copper Free Brake Pads Important?


Bendix continues in its unwavering focus to incorporate social and environmental concerns into its business processes, by further understanding alternative / new materials that can be used in friction solutions.

With a comprehensive range that covers majority of the European Passenger Vehicle applications, Bendix Original Euro brake pads are exclusive to Burson Auto Parts.

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