Bendix Brake Clean Rotor Wipes

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May 25, 2014

Special sachets of impregnated cleaning cloths have been developed by renowned brake specialist Bendix, providing an innovative, fast and efficient way to safely clean and degrease new and machined rotors without mess.

Similar to the popular sachets of hand cleansers, the Bendix Brake Clean Rotor Wipe sachets each contain a heavy duty cleaning cloth impregnated with a fast acting formula that penetrates protective grease and wax on new and machined brake rotors to ensure optimum braking performance when fitting new brake pads.

You simply remove the rotor wipe from the sachet, vigorously wipe the friction surface of the new rotor on both sides to remove anti-corrosion oil or wax coatings and wipe the rotors with a dry soft cloth. The strong wipe impregnated cloth is designed to completely clean two rotors before discarding.

Bendix Brake Clean Rotor Wipes come in an attractive display for convenience at the counter and in the workshop for a cleaner safer and faster way to the clean rotors.

The innovative fast cleaning strong wipes are available from Bendix stockists throughout Australia and New Zealand under Part No. BBCRW-M packed 50 per display carton.

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