Bendix are Pleased to Announce the Addition of 6 New Part Numbers to the Protrans Commercial Vehicle Protrans Brake Linings Range.

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Jan 30, 2019

Bendix are pleased to announce the addition of 6 new part numbers to the Protrans Commercial Vehicle Protrans Brake Linings Range.

Protrans brake linings are designed to perform whether you’re on the highway, stop and starting, or on tough off-highway conditions. Offering reliability that performs on a range of commercial applications without compromising product life. Lining kits include all the rivets and the correct number of linings to reline the shoe cores. Packed full of features, Protrans Brake Lining Kits offer:

Premium Friction Material
  • Ease of assembly during replacement
  • Cost effective and durable
  • Friction Rating

Protrans linings are rated FF which means they maintain a high nominal friction level (0.35-0.45Mu) through the normal and high braking temperatures. The first letter of the code represents the “Normal” coefficient where temperatures range from 95°C–205°C. The second letter represents the “High” coefficient, with temperatures ranging from 150°C–350°C.

bendix-brake-pads-6-new-protrans-brake-linings-released-image3_V2.png#asset:417664 bendix-brake-pads-6-new-protrans-brake-linings-released-image4.png#asset:417650 bendix-brake-pads-6-new-protrans-brake-linings-released-image5.png#asset:417651bendix-brake-pads-6-new-protrans-brake-linings-released-image6.png#asset:417652bendix-brake-pads-6-new-protrans-brake-linings-released-image7.png#asset:417653bendix-brake-pads-6-new-protrans-brake-linings-released-image8.png#asset:417654
Also available from Bendix is the Ancillary Solutions range which is designed to complement the Commercial Vehicle products, offering you all you need to complete the perfect brake change.


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