5 Questions To Determine Your Customers Brake Pad Needs!

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July 19, 2018


Choosing the right Bendix brake pad to suit the driver’s needs goes a long way in meeting product expectations and customer satisfaction. With a large variety of Bendix brake pads to suit different driving styles and vehicles, it’s easy to determine which brake pad to use by answering the following questions.

1. What factors are important to the driver?

There are three main areas that are important; positive brake feel, brake noise, and the amount of brake dust. Each factor will influence the other to a certain degree. Low brake noise and good pedal feel could meant that the brake pad generates more brake dust to be quiet while providing great braking feedback.

2. How does the driver use his/her vehicle?

Also just as important is how the vehicle is being used. Does the vehicle owner spend most of the time in stop start traffic, long highway drives or lots of enthusiastic driving? The type of driving done will determine if the vehicle requires a high friction, high performance brake pad, or a quiet long lasting one, for low speed multiple stops.


3. What vehicle are the brake pads getting fitted to?

Vehicles are used in a wide variety of roles, but it can only be best at a few. A delivery vehicle or a taxi that does frequent stopping and carries passengers and goods will require a high friction, long lasting brake pad, such as the Bendix Heavy Duty.

4. Is the vehicle is used for towing?

If so, check if the trailers used have brakes. Whether they are towing once a year or every day, it’s an important factor when picking brake pads.


5. Does the owner haul heavy loads regularly?

It goes without saying but a heavier vehicle will be more demanding on brakes. This is the case especially if the vehicle usually carries heavy loads.

The answers to these questions will determine which Bendix brake pad will be suitable.


For OEM replacement brake pads with better performance, less dust and noise, choose the General CT or 4WD SUV for sedans, hatches, crossovers and SUVs. For more information on the Bendix General CT or 4WD SUV, visit bendix.com.au

If your customer requires high performance brake pads and are less concern about dust and noise, pick the Ultimate or Street Road Track pads to satisfy their needs. For information on the Bendix Ultimate brake pad or details on the Street Road Track, visit bendix.com.au

Finally, for commercial vehicles, trucks and utes that tow or carry heavy loads, we recommend the Heavy Duty brake pads. The Heavy Duty is long lasting yet provides the tough, stable performance required for everyday towing or carrying loads. For more information on the Heavy Duty brake pads visit bendix.com.au

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