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Best Brake Pads for Ford FG XR6

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Oct. 08, 2015

For our next segment of the Bendix Test Pilot Program we will be upgrading to a set of Bendix Ultimate Brake Pads to match the driving style of the owner of this Ford FG Falcon XR6.

Bendix Ultimate brake pads are specially formulated to offer high friction, high temperature tolerance and measurably better performance across a range of braking conditions. Exceptional stopping power gives you shorter stopping distances and increased resistance to brake fade at high temperature.

The owner of this Ford Falcon FG XR6, Craig had been experiencing brake fade and a shuddering pedal during spirited driving. In order to provide ultimate stopping power his brake rotors were machined, ensuring a smooth braking surface to compliment his new Bendix Ultimate brake pads.

These pads offer quiet, smooth performance thanks to Bendix Noise Absorbing Shims, designed by Bendix to suit each pad type, the shims will continue to absorb vibration and reduce noise for the life of the brake pad.

For more information about Bendix Ultimate Brake Pads, visit:

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