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Bendix High Performance DOT 3 Brake Fluid is suitable for use in ABS/non ABS disc and drum brakes and hydraulic clutch systems in cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles where FMVSS DOT 3 fluids are specified. Bendix Brake Fluid is straw in colour for ease of identification.
Optimum Performance

Bendix DOT 3 Brake Fluid is a high performing Polyglycol type fluid engineered to optimise braking performance for specific applications. DOT 3 fluid is suitable for hydraulic and conventional braking systems in automotive vehicles, meeting stringent Australian and U.S. specifications. Bendix DOT 3 Brake Fluid also minimises corrosion of tinned iron, steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass and copper components, while being inert to both natural and synthetic rubber used in brake hoses, cups and seals.

Optimum Performance
  • Bendix High Performance Heavy Duty Dot3 Brake Fluid Msds 2016
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