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Regular inspection and maintenance of your commercial vehicle’s braking system is a must. This ensures effective braking and optimum stopping distance, most importantly, providing safety to you and other road users.

During maintenance of your vehicle’s drum braking system, you are often faced with the task of replacing the brake shoes or relining them.

Where a complete Bendix brake shoe kit is not suitable, Bendix drilled brake linings offer a number of benefits:

1. Resilience and Durability:

  • Bendix drilled linings, where available, offers a complete kit with rivets
  • These steel zinc plated rivets offer high strength, resistance to abrasion & corrosion with the ability to retain their intrinsic structure
  • Riveting ensures the bond to the brake shoe lasts the full life of the lining without failure

2. Ease of Assembly and Use:

  • Easy to rivet with standard workshop equipment
  • Minimizes difficult & expensive method of removing residual stuck-up linings from the shoes
  • Bypasses time-consuming procedure of bonding using adhesives, making it a relatively easier process

3. Increased Productivity:

  • Bendix drilled linings align perfectly with accurately drilled holes
  • Increases productivity in the workshop aiding quick assembly with the brake shoes
  • Helps avoid time-consuming measurements by visually checking the quality of the connection
  • Reduced change time & labour costs

4. Cost Effectiveness:

  • When relining the OE shoe, cost effective alternative Bendix drilled brake linings offer OE performance and includes the rivets to fit the linings
  • Helps avoid expensive replacement of the entire brake shoe set
  • Riveting Bendix drilled linings is quick and clean compared to the time and chemicals required in bonding


Bendix drilled brake linings are designed to suit their OE specification. Relining Bendix brake shoes with corresponding riveted linings, where available, will offer optimum compatibility ensuring high performance, long lasting quality parts and a cost-effective alternative.

With a comprehensive range that covers most of the OE CV applications, Bendix drilled linings and brake shoes are available at leading commercial vehicle stockists.

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