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Frequently Asked Questions

How will the additional chamfers / changed shape, make a difference to the Bendix brake pads?

Bendix engineers have used high tech laser and dynamometer equipment to study the surface contact between each individual brake pad and rotor, and identified the optimum contact surface area. The result is STEALTH Advanced Technology. These new diamond shaped pads have no radial features so they do not sustain vibration from contact between the rotor and friction material. They are engineered to transfer the calliper force where it is needed, providing the most effective surface contact for unrivalled stopping performance.

Will the visible reduction in friction material detrimentally affect pedal feel, pad performance or wear?

Brake temperature is determined by how much energy is going into the brake, and how quickly that energy can be rejected to atmosphere. The energy put in to a vehicle's brakes is determined by the vehicle's mass and speed. The brakes turn the kinetic energy into heat, which is dissipated by the rotor. STEALTH pads put exactly the same amount of heat into exactly the same rotor; there's no difference to the energy transfer.
Dyno testing and vehicle testing shows the stopping performance to be unchanged with the new diamond shaped pad.

Won’t less surface area result in poorer stopping performance?

Less contact area results in higher contact pressure for the same calliper force, which balances out the effect of having less pad surface area. On brake dynamometer performance tests and vehicle trials, the stopping performance of STEALTH pads is the same as traditional pads, at every speed, temperature and pedal effort.

Are the STEALTH Advanced Technology pads going to last as long due the smaller amount of material. Will the life span be reduced?

The friction material formulation has been upgraded on the STEALTH references and has an extremely long wear rate. STEALTH pads will last at least as long as regular GCT and 4WD pads or longer. This is longer than most competitive products.

Does launching STEALTH mean Bendix has a noise issue?

NO - Bendix users know that the current range of Bendix pads is quiet. The new STEALTH products take noise elimination to the next level of silent braking.

Why has STEALTH Advanced Technology been released on the General CT and 4WD brake pad ranges?

We are continuing our tradition of category leading innovation; STEALTH Advanced Technology is Bendix's next technological leap forward. GCT was the first product range to be introduced with STEALTH technology, and now the 4WD/SUV range is also available featuring this new technological advancement. Over time, this technology will be incorporated across even more of the Bendix range.

Will we need to range any additional part numbers due to the introduction of STEALTH Advanced Technology?

NO – The existing GCT and 4WD part numbers will be enhanced with STEALTH technology. The new diamond shaped pads will replace the existing part numbers so there is no need to range additional parts.

Will the addition of STEALTH Advanced Technology affect the price we are currently paying?

NO – This innovative performance enhancement is provided to you at no extra cost.

Can you use STEALTH front brake pad sets in conjunction with the current GCT or 4WD rear brake pad sets or vice-versa?

YES – STEALTH front brake pad sets can be used in conjunction with rear GCT or 4WD brake pad sets that are not made with STEALTH technology, and vice-versa.

How do the diamond shaped chamfers of the STEALTH brake pads perform when driving off-road?

The diamond shaped end chamfers of the 4WD brake pads with STEALTH technology will act like a snowplow, cleaning mud, clay and water off the brake rotors to improve braking effectiveness off-road.

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