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For New Generation Vehicles

Bendix Truck & Trailer Disc Pads

#1 For Stopping Power

Bendix have the latest generation of disc brake pads for a new generation of heavier trucks, prime moversand trailers. Bendix Truck & Trailer disc pads are designed to withstand the extreme demands of heavyduty operation giving you braking confidence and safety on the road when you need it most.

  • E-Mark regulation 90 approval
  • OE quality
  • Low pad wear
  • Comprehensive range
  • GG rating
  • Hardware included
  • Proven performance testing
  • Low fade, safety and durability
  • Extended servicing intervals
  • Covers most popular applications
  • Superior friction rating
  • Ready to fit

Superior Pad Life

Using ceramic metallic material with a friction rating of GG, the extreme wear life of Bendix Protrans disc pads will become apparent over time. This OE quality material can withstand extremely high operating temperatures, which means exceptional pad and rotor life with minimal risk of brake fade. In all applications, drivers will appreciate the security of predictable, stable friction levels across a range of operating temperatures.

Bendix Truck & Trailer disc pads are specified to deliver superior braking performance

The ECE Regulation 90 specifies the design, construction, performance requirements and test protocols for strict European regulations. ECE R90 calls for brake pads to be tested for braking capabilities, speed sensitivity, cold performance, and may only deviate from the frictional characteristics of their original equipment counterparts by no more than 15%.

When you fit Bendix Truck & Trailer disc pads, you’re fitting the highest quality brake pads engineered for optimum performance, braking durability and driving comfort.

Superior Friction Stability

Bendix Protrans disc pads have a strong, predictable friction level regardless of temperature, speed or axle load. This material is designed for harsh conditions and is validated to OE specification, for low wear and long life, particularly at high temperatures. The range includes references to cover most popular truck and trailer applications.

Material Reference Application Composition Friction Classification Maximum Continuous Working Temperature
Protrans Frequent braking environments, high speed, heavy traffic, steep gradients. Ceramic Metallic GG (0.55) 500°C

240010468 SET CVP013 PT - WVA 29030 Dennis, Lucas d3, MAN Bus, F2000, M2000, Meritor Elsa 1/D3, Renault Manager / G / Major / Magnum / Premium, Mercedes Evo Bus, Kassbohrer
240010469 SET CVP020 PT - WVA 29087 Iveco EuroCargo. EuroTech MT/MP, Eurostar LD, BPW SB4345 (Knoor SB7000), Mercedes Actros Series, Atego, Axor ,Econic, SAUER / SAF (Knoor SB7000), Scania Series 4 / R Buses
240010470 SET CVP024 PT - WVA 29124 Meritor DX195 19.5”, Rockwell (ROR)
240010471 SET CVP032 PT – WVA 29088 / 29285

Wabco PAN 17 Caliper, DAF LF45 Series - FA45.150/170/180/220 (Front), MAN L 2000 Series - 6-10 Tonnes (Front & Rear) 1996 on, MAN M 2000 Series - 14 Tonnes (Front & Rear) 1996 on, Mack Midlum 150, 210, 220, 250, 270 (Front & Rear) 1993 - 2003
240010472 SET CVP035 PT - WVA 29148 / 29115 MAN TGL 150, 180, 210, 240, 280 05 on, Mercedes Atego II 04 on, Knorr SB5000
240010473 SET CVP036 PT - WVA 29093 / 29095 BPW SB3725 (Knoor SB6000), MAN M2000, Mercedes Atego Series 1223, 1228L/54, SAUER / SAF Knorr SB6000 19.5”
240010474 SET CVP037 PT - WVA 29125 Meritor D Duco, Volvo FH, FL, FM series
240010477 SET CVP090 PT - WVA 29159 Mercedes Axles, SAUER / SAF Trialer Axles, Wabco / Parrot Pan 19.5”
240010478 SET CVP092 PT - WVA 29165 BPW SH Series SB4309 03 on, Knorr SK7000 03 on
240010480 SET CVP094 PT - WVA 29171 BPW SH Series SB4309 03 on, Knorr SK7000 03 on
240010481 SET CVP159 PT - WVA 29150 Meritor DX225 Axle
240010482 SET CVP303 PT - WVA 29169 / 29177 Meritor TM, TL, LC Trailer Axles, Mack / Renault Magnum, Premium
240010484 SET CVP305 PT - WVA 29174 Meritor Elsa 225-3, Volvo Axle, Renault Magnum DXi12, DXi13 06 on, Premium Dxi 06 on, Volvo FE Series 06 on, FH Series 05 on, FM Series 05 on


  • Driving Style
    General CT 4WD Heavy Duty Euro+ Ultimate Brake Shoes


  • Performance Products

    Bendix Performance brake pads have been developed and comprehensively tested by leading friction engineers to create pads designed to handle a variety of applications – street, road, and race.



    Race Street Road Track






  • Truck & Trailer Products

    Bendix is already a recognised leader in modern friction material technology, and therefore is well placed to draw on knowledge from its global partnerships to bring a new generation of technology to support a new generation of commercial vehicles.



    Bendix Disc Pads Bendix Brake Shoes Bendix Brake Linings

  • Ancillary Solutions

    Bendix offer an advanced range of ancillary braking solutions including Bendix Ceramic High Performance Synthetic Lubricant, Bendix Performance Brake Fluid, Bendix Brake / Parts Cleaner & Degreaser and Bendix Electronic Brake Wear Sensors.


    Brake Lubricant Brake Fluid Brake & Part Cleaner Electronic Brake Wear Sensors
    Brake & Lubricant Brake Fluid Brake & Part Cleaner Electronic Brake Wear Sensors



    Hybrid Fusion Technology


    Hybrid Fusion Technology

  • Brake Wear Sensors

    Electronic Brake Wear Sensors are an added safety feature on many vehicles used to warn a vehicle’s driver when their brake pads are near the end of their service life.


    Electronic Brake Wear Sensors      
    Electronic Brake Wear Sensors      


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