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Bendix Truck & Trailer Brake Linings


Based on a European heritage with an OE background, Bendix have localised this to meet harsh and demanding on-road conditions. The range of Bendix Brake Linings are designed and engineered for heavy duty applications, offering superior strength, heat resistance and durability.

The Bendix Brake Lining range also features the advanced technology of Protrans, and the cost efficient Fleetrans, to offer a comprehensive range of stronger, cleaner and safer braking solutions.

  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Reduced drum and component wear
  • Non Asbestos Organic (NAO)
  • Stable operating performance
  • Comprehensive range
  • Stable across various applications
  • Reduced replacement cycles
  • Cleaner technology
  • Improved safety
  • Covers most popular applications


Protrans is a multi purpose material that can be used in a range of applications including heavy duty trucks, light truck, trailer and common general purpose axles. The range includes references to cover most popular commercial vehicles and trailers.

Protrans is manufactured using upgraded processes featuring QS9000 quality controls and an ISO14001 environmental accreditation. With an FF rating (SAE J661a test procedure) and average friction level of 0.38, Protrans provides excellent wear and drum effect characteristics. It’s also very quiet in all operations and has a maximum continuous working temperature (MCWT) of 300˚C. The Protrans brake lining is unique as it puts a film on the drum, without doubt, the biggest difference Protrans has brought to operators.

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The requirement to achieve a long service life and reduce downtime has never been greater. Larger trailer configurations, increased payloads combined with technological engine developments, with greater emphasis on safety, means that the braking system of commercial vehicles is subject to greater demands than ever before. Bendix understands that commercial vehicle operators must get maximum life and value from all vehicle components, particularly those often replaced items such as brakes.

Brake linings are one of the most important safety elements within the braking system of heavy commercial vehicles. With this in mind, Bendix developed Protrans to save owners and fleet operator’s time and money, with less vehicle down time in the workshop.


Material Reference Application Composition Friction Classification Maximum Continuous Working Temperature
Protrans Multi purpose material for bus, light truck, trailer and common general purpose axles and for heavy duty truck applications Latest technology NAO lining FF (0.38) 300°C
  • Driving Style
    General CT 4WD Heavy Duty Euro+ Ultimate Brake Shoes


  • Performance Products

    Bendix Performance brake pads have been developed and comprehensively tested by leading friction engineers to create pads designed to handle a variety of applications – street, road, and race.



    Race Street Road Track






  • Truck & Trailer Products

    Bendix is already a recognised leader in modern friction material technology, and therefore is well placed to draw on knowledge from its global partnerships to bring a new generation of technology to support a new generation of commercial vehicles.



    Bendix Disc Pads Bendix Brake Shoes Bendix Brake Linings

  • Ancillary Solutions

    Bendix offer an advanced range of ancillary braking solutions including Bendix Ceramic High Performance Synthetic Lubricant, Bendix Performance Brake Fluid, Bendix Brake / Parts Cleaner & Degreaser and Bendix Electronic Brake Wear Sensors.


    Brake Lubricant Brake Fluid Brake & Part Cleaner Electronic Brake Wear Sensors
    Brake & Lubricant Brake Fluid Brake & Part Cleaner Electronic Brake Wear Sensors



    Hybrid Fusion Technology


    Hybrid Fusion Technology

  • Brake Wear Sensors

    Electronic Brake Wear Sensors are an added safety feature on many vehicles used to warn a vehicle’s driver when their brake pads are near the end of their service life.


    Electronic Brake Wear Sensors      
    Electronic Brake Wear Sensors      


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