Caddy (2005 - 2015) [2KA,2CA,2CH,2KH]


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Jan 2005 - May 2015

VW Caddy 1.6 {75 Kw} FWD Box Body/mpv [2KA,2CA,2CH,2KH]

Std. 4-Wheel Disc

Front Brake Pad Set
DB1849Suits models with PR number: 1ZE, 1LJ, 1ZA, Front Axle
Rear Brake Pad Set
DB1449Includes wear lead
Rear Brake Pad Set
DB1865Suits models with PR number: 1ZE, 1LJ, for vehicles without electric parking brake
Front Brake Disc Rotor
BR2806312mm, High carbon rotor,
Image coming soon
Image coming soon
Alternative Braking Systems
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